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Friday, August 24, 2007

Tried face book yet?

I was invited to become a facebook member last week. So I joined in. After my first week I had made two friends (both family members) and joined a club. A fine diversion but it didn't feel like social interaction; it was more like mucking about on the internet. I suppose you could say that I might enjoy Facebook more if I was more sociable. However I'll stick with blogging a whie longer. I quite enjoy typing away unsure of whether anyone reads what I write or not. I actually don't care if no one reads my blog its fun putting down thoughts as they turn up.

Only 6 working days to go till my holidays. it will be a relief to not have small children around for a while. I couldn't live without them though. Here's a bit of an example just for Dave.


Blogger personallog! said...

Good call on the the family guy clip.Haha! You wounder why I have tried so hard to stay away.


5:35 PM  

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