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Friday, December 21, 2007

Happiness 4

Christmas is almost upon us and its a time of year that should be one of fun and happiness. Sadly its not that way for many people; some are orphans, some are starving, some are homeless, some are ill, some are guilty and some depressed.

Christmas can be spirtual time and I'm not talking about religeon. Christmas can also be the anniversary of a personal disaster.

I think that we have 3 major opportunities for refelection and resolution (allthough every day holds the same opportunity - its just that other things can get in the way). The 3 times are Christmas day, New Years Eve and your birthday.

In the West the spirt of Christmas (and a lot of other things) has been lost underneath our severe materialism. Above all Christmas is seen as a time to purchase items, presents, objects that are meant to confirm love and friendship. There's nothing wrong with that I suppose - who doesn't enjoy watching excited children opening their presents and I can't deny that I enjoy gifts from my family. The important thing about Christmas for me is that its an opportunity for the family to get together at a time when the rest of the world is not looking.

Just being with my family is the best buzz available. I always have a few moments to myself on Christmas day because I make the breakfast. Its time I use to reflect on the year my family has had and in recent years it has been a bittersweet experience. Mind you each time I end up feeling the same. Optimistic for the family's future, full of love for everyone in the family and happy that we are all still able to spend some time together. 2007 was a hard year and 2008 will be just as challengin but as long as we are all together then the world can f*%$ itself!

Merry Christmas!


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