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Monday, February 18, 2008

Geekery freakery

I haven't posted for a while as I have been craeting and populating my own database. That right I have an Oracle database running on my own Linux server and I have input 50% of my vinyl collection so far. The cds will follow. The database may, or more, probably won't, be useful. It was just the chalenge to myself to see if I could do it and I did it!

I may well be retired by the end of March as the work I'm doing is coming to an end. I was quite worried about this over Christmas and New Year but I'm not worried any longer. I'm looking forward to it. Having no responsibilities will be ace.

And now some music. This is the Portico Quartet and the round thing on the ground is called a "hang". They were invented by the Swiss aparently. I saw a new age hippy playing one in Catalunya last year.

Fab sound init?

Eldest son may have a new job, passed the interview just has some technical tests to do. Who's a proud dad then! Only daughter is pregnant again!! Who's a proud grandad!!

2008 is picking up.


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