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Sunday, March 25, 2007

508 Park Drive

I haven't published a post or even looked at a blog for most of the month. But its time to get back to normal. Music has been important this month but I've listened to most of it on TV. Channel 4 has done two excellent live concerts - Coldplay and Kaiser Chiefs and the Friday night "Live from Abbey Road" series just gets better and better. Last week saw the excellent John Mayer playing fantastic blues.

Well its spring (officially) and Easter is nearly upon us. I am a student again - Open University no less - course S194 Introduction to Astronomy. Can't wait, I'm looking forward to some wonderfull images from outer space and learning something out of the ordinary. I've also started looking at antique clocks. I bought one on EBAY for 27 quid and it is a wonderful thing. My wife loved it too. I gave the clock to my son as his wife has longed for an old clock for some time so I am now looking for another and the choices are vast.

We are also revamping the garden (massive earthworks) and are looking forward to summer. Personaly I'm feeling optimistic and looking forward to future. Its so nice to back on track.

Friday, March 02, 2007


I've been looking through You Tube for Michael Brecker clips and found this:

Incredible stuff from Michael with an EWI (electric wind instrument!!).

And this is what the EWI was like when played with his band. It can be difficult to listen to without previous experience of listening live electric jazz. I would say that its worth the effort though...

Last piece about Michael from a guy who does his blog on camera! Very brave!

Easier listening from now on promise. Well almost. This the last one today.