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I'm happy. I'm amused by life. I know who I am and why I'm here. I have a masters degree and very little money.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Glastonbury 07

I watched Glastonbury at the weekend and it was excellent. Loads of new acts and some good old ones- The Who where brilliant.

But the start of the show was Seastick Steve a solo blues man. He was just fantastic. The clip below wasn't from Glastonbury but you'll get the idea.

A better introduction is on Youtube just search for Seasick Steve and select the 'live on Jools Holland' link.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Incredibly fat man has sex with urinal

I was at work the other day and had to pay a visit to the toilet. I entered the toilet and, as always, followed the ettiquet - don't speak to anyone you don't knowand never, ever look at anyone when standing at the urinals; just get on with things and mind your own business.

Everything changed when a VERY LARGE man came into the toilet and and stood one urinal away from me. He began to urinate with such force that I thought the flushing system had malfunctioned. Looking at my urinal I confirmed that this was not the case. As I looked down the man started to moan is sort of sexual pre orgasm manner that was unusual to say the least. The gushing urine continued to flow and the man's moans increased in volume. "Ugh, ugh..uuuuuugh!".

The guy standing next to the large man stopped what he was doing and almost ran into one of the cubicals. I began to wash my hands when the enormous man zipped himself up, ran his hand under the cold tap and left the toilets. Laughter began to brake out everywhere. I thought thats something you don't see every day.

Yesterday was just another Tuesday - it was my birthday too. Plenty of cards and love from the family members. No present though. I'd oredered a telescope which was so out of stock there wasn't one left in the whole country (and ther's a two month wait!) not only that the only child friendly restuarant in town was closed. We had an Indian take away which was very good but the day was a bit of a wash out. Still I'm not upset, I have no reason to be upset. I'm lucky to live in a country that has everything. If was Ethiopian I'd have reason to be upset.