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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Other granddaughters continued somemore

Last one. Isn't she just be- yute- i- full?

Other granddaughters continued.

Little B the 10 year old and the love of my life.

Other granddaughters

Little T 4 years old and an absolute star.

Latest granddaughter

Latest granddaughter Isn't she lovely?

Happiness 3

Do you want to be happy?

How happy do you want to be? As happy as you were on Xmas morning when you were 6? As happy as you were on your first holiday in a warm country? As happy as you were on your honeymoon?

Well you're not going to that happy ever again but..

If you work to live, love what you do, love your family,your friends,yourself and take pleasure in simple things then you've got a very good shot at being content. Some people never have more than that. Those people are rich and can live in this world without falling under the wheels of comerce or terrorism or oppression.

We all need food and water though..

Here ends today's stating the bleedin obvious. Spent hours (10pm till 01am) watching the Moon and Saturn! and Venus!! It was excellent but it has left me a little starry eyed. Peace brothers and sisters.

Monday, May 21, 2007


I am now the very, very pround grandfather of 4 fabulous girls - Liitle B (10), Little T (4), Little A (3 months) and Little F (1 week!!!). Once I've sorted out how to attach photos they will all be here on a semi regular basis.

Little T sat down next to my daughter (who gave birth to little F a few days ago) and said "So are you breast feeding or bottle feeding your baby?". Granddaughters rock, granddaughters are cool - and so are their mums.

I don't mind the absence of a grandson largely because I don't have one. I bet they'll be cool too.

Shaving 2

I have had a change of heart. Having lived with the shaved parts for a few days I'm used to it and I think that everything looks and feels a little more cared for than it did previously. And there is the BSI - the Betty Swallocks Indicator - which lets me know exactly when to shower. Amazingly precise!
Now to get the grey hair off my chest!!

Friday, May 18, 2007


My wife and my daughetr and I were talking the other day about shaving. Its amazing the conversations that you can have when your watching adverts. The ad was for one of those lady razor things and the talk naturally, or so it seemed at the time, turned to the subject of the shaving of ones personal parts. Now women having been doing this for some time and apparetnly men do it too. I knew that porn actors do it (something to do with making their wangs look larger). But nowadays ordinary men are doing it. Why? Well its trendy, its fashionable in certain circles (would that be wife swapping, threesome type circles?}. My daughter reckons it cleaner and my wife reckons that if your pubes have gone grey they will grow back their original colour. She would know! I asked what names men apply to whatever styles they may have trimmed their parts; after all women have brazillins and mohicans etc. We could not decide on anything.

Now I can proudly say that my pubes aren't grey but as a group they resemble Fanghorn Forest.
So, I thought, if its cleaner then why not give it a go? That was my first mistake.
My second mistake was my choice of razor - it is almost impossible to get pubes out of a Gillette Turbo 3.
My third mistake was my choice of pattern - I thought that a small 'afro', crescent shaped,around the base of my best friend would be appropriate. It wasn't.

As I had never contemplated this sort of thing before I had no idea on how it would be achieved. I began by trimming the edges which was tricky but do-able and then shaving off the resultant stubble cutting the crescent shape. That worked very well apart from cleaning the razor which took ages - longer than the shaving by half an hour! When I examined my handiwork I was not the proud owner of an afro I was the proud owner of a Ken Dodd! So out came the scissors for another trim. The result was I have to say quite good. There are however some rather nasty downsides. The first is he temperature drop; when the wind blows you can be literally chilled to the bone. I imagine women enjoy this feeling; I found it disturbing in a way that was extremely vague and difficult to define. Another downside is the quality of undergarments worn must be good to very good because ordinary Asda knickers are unpleasantly rough. A really unpleasant side effect is of course that the hair grows back! Bollock stubble is probably the single most uncomfortable thing you can have!
So is shaving your parts 'a good thing'? For men I would have to say it isn't. Its time consuming, uncomfortable and forces you to pay more attention to the parts of your body that should be left alone.

I understand that you shouldn't be walking around with a scarecrow's chuff in your pants but the hair is growing there for a reason (whatever that is) and should be treated with respect. Take one look at a Frech woman's armpit and you will find luxuriant growth. I expect that her pubes will be platted with ribbons in a stylish presentation as they been since adolescence.

Would I do it again? No. But I might if was invited to one of those parties..

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Hey Hey!!

Haven't posted since March!!! Must have something to say.. lets think. In the UK going "green" is the latest middle class fashion. Now back in the 1970s I was an organic gardener, had no car and did not go abroad for my holidays. While I am still an organic gardener it has taken the midle class 37 years to catch up with me and agree that we should try harder to look after the planet. What really pisses me off though are the wealthy "greens" . The "Oh yes we've got 150 acres of organically managed cattle and sheep with 40 acrres of organic veg, four windmills and a waterwheel" set. Concerns over global warming were voiced a while ago and most scientists disagreed with the theory - until the media got hold of the idea and convinced goverments that it wasd a real problem and put serious money into research. Then most of them agreed. Carbon dioxide and methane were causing global warming and mankind were to blame.

I disagree. I don't think that global warming is a man made phenomenon. The world goes through hot and cold cycles all by itself. I think that we may have helped out a warm cycle by producing a lot of carbon dioxide but global warming would have happened with or without us. The British Isles were once connected to the mainland of Europe until some polar ice melted and sea levels rose. This could well happen again. Moving house to higher ground may be a good idea. Arizona here I come!

Whats even more annoying is the fact that big business is still raping the planets resource and governments do nothing to stop it. I am not frightened of dieing but I am very concerned about the lives that my grandchildren will have. As long as the world is run by these fucking idots we will be in trouble.

I really beleive that any young person who shows an interest in becoming a politician is displaying an important character flaw and should be shot at once. Politics should be one of those professions where people don't want to be there.

Whoops! Talked a bit too much politics there; don't worry I'm getting out now.